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     I call myself a Digital Artist because I have experience with many sides of the industry. My main focus as I got my Bachelor of Creative Media from New Mexico State University was on Animation. After I graduated, I worked in Las Cruces as an Art Production Assistant on a local feature film, Walking with Herb, directed by Ross Marks, a professor at the university. While there, I had a myriad of responsibilities from record keeping, supervising and directing over 20 student interns, and mocking up sets in Photoshop to working with contractors, handling money, and designing props and set pieces. 

     After production ended, it took a few months to get a job as a Technical Illustrator at Alaska Structures, where I created assets for construction manuals. I had to interpret CAD files, follow strict branding guidelines, and talk to engineers to ensure accurate information. After about three months, however, my husband got a job in Albuquerque, and we moved. 

     Up in Albuquerque, I took a job as a Graphic Designer at Print Express, which is a small print shop that pumps out everything from business cards and carbonless forms to notebooks and brochures. I got more experience working with customers as well as operating unique machines for bindery and finishing. The job began as a part-time position, and was supposed to turn into a full-time one. Unfortunately, it turned out that they didn't have enough work for my position to become full-time, and I was unable to afford to continue working there. 

     In December 2019, I reached out to Resolution Graphics, a large format print shop that had been one of the vendors for Walking with Herb. They are the go-to print shop for New Mexico's Film Industry, providing custom flooring, wallpaper, and billboards, and have been seen in such productions as Breaking Bad, the Bachelor, the Biggest Loser, and Roswell. As their primary Graphic Designer, I prepared large projects for print, which included learning how to print vehicle wraps. I also did a lot of work on their website, learning to use Beaver Builder, add products, and many other small changes to really polish their site. When COVID-19 hit though, Resolution Graphics was hit hard. A lot of their business comes from events, everything from state fairs and tradeshows to conferences and concerts, all of which got cancelled in the pandemic. I worked there for over a year, but in the end, I wasn't able to continue there. 

     TLDR; I have experience in film, animation, printing, illustration, and graphic design. If you have a project in mind, I know I can help. Please feel free to reach out. 

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